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When a winery becomes a theatre...

Any actor or director will tell you that rehearsing each new show delivers new experiences and opportunities for happy memories of those experiences. While processes may be similar; learning the blocking, the lines, the character development, one is working with new cast and crew members, a new script, and quite often, in a new location. Theatre Bacchus' first show takes this to a whole new level! We are well into rehearsals for Peter Gordon's "Murdered to Death", and there has been so much to enjoy! The script itself makes for lots of laughs as we work through each scene, but the winery at London Born comes with many other reasons to smile. At many of our rehearsals we were visited by the 2 winery dogs, Monty, and Benny, and we were in pleasant company with the adorable winery cat, Bootsie! All of this with the added bonus of being able to grab a glass of award-winning wine during our breaks. Not a bad way to spend a rehearsal!

While transforming a winery into the Lounge of a 1930's English manor house may be a challenge, our outstanding actors, costume, hair and make-up, props, set, lighting and sound designers and crew are ready to take audiences to Bogshot Manor!

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1 Comment

Grace Centritto
Mar 06, 2020

Congratulations Lana and cast!! I can’t wait to see your first production!! Cheers!

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