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Cheers to Turning Off the Ghost Light!

There is a tradition that when a theatre shuts down for a while, a “Ghost Light” is left on down stage centre. Superstition has it that this will keep any leftover spirits who may be wandering around from falling off the stage. Thereby, preventing them from cursing any future productions when things open up again.

While Theatre Bacchus did not have our own stage on which to leave a lit ghost light, we kept a virtual one burning and now we are happy to switch it off just in time for thoughts to turn to ghostly tales!

We are launching a new project just in time for crisp autumn evenings as we retreat to the warmth of our homes to enjoy a glass of wine by the fire. We are producing a new radio show called "Theatre of the WINE" as opposed to the traditional "Theatre of the Mind" old radio show. In what we hope will become a fall/winter series, this is a show that is in the true tradition of radio: heard and not seen. ALL actors are broadcasting from the same studio, not from separate locations, spaced out and facing away from each other for safety. This will result in a more unified sound quality for a better audience experience.

The dark and creepy tales of Edgar Allan Poe reimagined as suspenseful radio drama are perfect for a cozy evening of listening while the October winds howl outside.

We wouldn't be living up to our name if we didn't include a wine pairing for this show, and that is why we are partnering with the beautiful Harbour Estates Winery for audiences to order ahead and sip their wines as they turn down the lights for some dark and suspenseful tales!

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Thank you for your interest. On October 1, a link to our ticket service will be available on the website. Your ticket will outline how you will access the performance online. In the meantime, please see the "Current Production" page of our website for many more details about this event.


JJ Burke
JJ Burke

Details to follow one can only hope.

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