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A Brand New Theatrical Experience is Born

I was tasting wine in the dead of winter at a lovely winery on The Beamsville Bench several years ago. While chatting with the owners, we touched on the need for more opportunities for theatre in the area, and especially beyond the "summer festival" time frame. I hadn't left the driveway of the winery when my mind was made up...I needed to start a theatre in this area! But this theatre must fully acknowledge and embrace Niagara's Wine Country! As a graduate of theatre studies, I knew that Bacchus is the Roman god of wine and theatre. There could be no other name for this new company than THEATRE BACCHUS!

According to Classical Literature, “The Bacchae” deals with the different relationships of theatre to various aspects of society, including its relationship to art itself. Bacchus (or Dionysus) offers his worshippers the freedom to be someone other than themselves and, in doing so, the chance to achieve a religious ecstasy through theatre itself. Therefore, the very HEART of this theatre company is based on creating an EXPERIENCE for our audiences.

And now the curtain is about to go up on our first show! We are on The Beamsville Bench at the beautiful London Born Wine Co. performing the hilarious comedy, "Murdered to Death". The spirit of Bacchus is strong as audience members will sip wine as they are drawn in to the whodunnit with a comedic twist!

This journey is just beginning! Stay tuned for more...

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