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A Christmas Carol

A beloved story told as a radio drama, complete with sound effects and music cues, A Christmas Carol begins with the storyteller and his friends discussing the tale they will tell. They decide on an opening line, and the storyteller begins, transforming into the mean and stingy Ebenezer Scrooge as he speaks. Throughout, the storyteller remains in the Scrooge characterization as the other actors narrate in their natural voices while assuming new voices and dialects, becoming every character in the tale.

While Christmas may look different this year for many of us, we can still rekindle the feeling of Holiday wonder by revisiting our traditional Christmas stories. What better way to spend a Holiday evening than by sitting in the warm glow of your Christmas tree, sipping beautiful wine, and listening to a favourite Christmas tale come to life!

*NOTE*: Each performance will be preceded by a special performance of Holiday music by classical guitarist, Karen Agro, followed by a podcast discussing the background of Charles Dickens.

Show Dates:

Premiere - December 18 at 7:30 pm (Join us for a LIVE Zoom meeting with the cast immediately following the show!)

On-Demand - December 19-25

Tickets: $10

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Cast List
Scrooge/Storyteller -- Mark Ellis
Bob Cratchit -- Brandon David
Fred, Male Player 2 (scene 1), Male Player 4 (scene 7) -- Alexander Franks
Jacob Marley -- Peter Churey
Mrs. Cratchit, Charity Woman 2, Female Player (scene 1), Female Player 4 (scene 2), Partygoer 1 and 6 --  Carla Zabek
Belle, Charity Woman 1, Female Player 3 (scene 1), Female Player 2 (scene 2), Female Player 1 (scene 7), Lady with Packages -- Kayla Whelan
Ghost of Christmas Past, Female Player 1 (scene 1) -- Kate Racheter
Fan, Tiny Tim, Boy -- Lucy Ellis
Fezziwig, Male Player 2 (scenes 5 and 6) -- Stephen Ingram
Ghost of Christmas Present, Partygoer 3 -- Joel Pettigrew
Peter, Man, Male Player 1 (scene 7), Partygoer 2, Male Player 2 (scene 9), Businessman 3 -- Ian Stewart
Belinda, Widow Krook, Female Player 1 (scene 12) -- Bella Rebekah Johnson
Martha, Passerby 2, Female Player 2 (scene 12) -- Melissa Verwey
Fred’s Wife, Partygoer 5, Passerby 1, Female Player 4 (scene 12) -- Maxie Dara Liberman
Topper, Male Player 1 (scene 5), Partygoer 4, Male Player 5 (scene 9), Businessman 2 -- Christian Borsellino
Dick Wilkins, Male Player 3 (scene 1), Male Player 4 (scene 5 and 6), Businessman 1 -- Ryan Perera
Whitlow, Male Player 4 (scene 12), Passing Brother -- Aubrey Boothman
Mrs. Dilbert, Female Player 3 (scene 13) -- Ilene Elkaim

Announcer, Old Joe -- Robert Laszcz

A Christmas Carol: Produced by special arrangement with THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY INC. of Woodstock, Illinois.

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