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“…thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I especially enjoyed the background introduction - some very interesting information that I had not heard before!”

“We sipped our {Villa} Bacchus wine and got totally immersed in the production . I loved the sound effects and the cast was amazing. Great accents! What a great way to spend a Tuesday evening just before Christmas!”

“What a wonderful production with such excellent actors!!! Thoroughly enjoyed it!”

“I really enjoyed listening to the play, it was very good. The biography of Charles Dickens was excellent, I learned a few things that If

I knew them I had totally forgotten them. All the voices were extremely clear and expressive in language and style.”

“I watched/listened last night with the compulsory glass of wine and bites. The show opens with a classical guitar arrangement and the whole experience was delightful! Cheers Theatre Bacchus“

“Omg its fantastic!! Bravo on such a fantastic recording and performances!!  Can't wait for whatever comes next!”

“…congratulations on another magnificent job. British accents and everything! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Was a trip

down memory lane.”

“Great to hear the famous words read well.”

“We enjoyed the Narrative version of A Christmas Carol so much. Very talented actors!”

"Theatre Bacchus and Lana Borsellino, what a brilliant and informative production of the Christmas Carol.

This hero’s journey is so relevant today given world politics and the pandemic. Put me in the holiday spirit.

Cheers 🍷"

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