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Theatre Bacchus is proud to announce a call for actors for our Holiday Show!

We will be presenting the heartwarming, “It’s a Wonderful Life” based on the Frank Capra film and adapted for stage by Philip Grecian

We will be performing in the beautiful event space at Vieni Estates Winery 4553 Fly Rd, Beamsville, ON L0R 1B2

Show Dates: November 24,25,26 and December 1,2,3 for a total of 8 performances


Profit Share

Rehearsals take place 3X/wk at Paroisse St. Philippe 472 Locust St. Burlington beginning the final week of September

Please submit a self tape (video) to OR book a 10 minute in-person audition slot for September 22 between 7 and 10 pm through that same email address.

Audition self-tapes must be submitted by Friday September 22.

Please go to to request sides or ask any further questions

Character Descriptions

George Bailey-(can play 20s to 30s) a dreamer in small town Bedford Falls who longs to see the wider world, but has to puts his own aspirations on hold to help his family and community

Mary Hatch-Bailey-(can play 20s to 30s) a young woman in Bedford Falls who becomes George's wife. Loving him since she was a little girl, Mary is a dynamic complement to George, sharing his values of generosity and compassion, while also helping him to clarify his dreams and ambitions. She is the glue in her family and the one who has always been certain of who she is

Henry Potter-(can play 60s to 70s) is wheelchair bound and the richest man in Bedford Falls and has a desire to accumulate as much money and power in the town as possible, often at the expense of those less fortunate than himself. He is an avaricious and corrupt man, who thinks only of profit and never of the common good.

Uncle Billy-(can play 50s to 60s) George's uncle and business associate at the Building and Loan. Billy has a good heart and a deep compassion. Billy is lovable, but infuriatingly absentminded at times.

(Doubles as Chairman (V.O)/The Boss (V.O.)/Man (in WWII medal scene))

Clarence-(can play 40s to 60s) an angel who has yet to get his wings in heaven. He is sent to stop George from taking his life during his lowest point. Clarence shows George what life in Bedford Falls would be like had he never been born.


Mother Bailey-(can play 50’s to 60s) A benevolent matriarch of the family, she continues to provide wise advice for George well into his adulthood.

(Doubles as Mrs. Davis)

Harry Bailey-(can play 20s to 30s) succeeds at just about everything. He's an All-American college football star, a genius at research, and a war hero to boot. 

(Doubles as Peter Bailey/Ernie Bishop/Horace/Tom

Tilly-(can play late 30s to early 40s) the secretary at the Building and Loan Company owned by George Bailey. Quick with a quip and supportive of the business.

(Doubles as Mrs. Hatch-off stage)

Violet Brick-9can play 20s to 30s)-fell in love with George from their younger days and never settles down they way Mary did. A Flirt.

(Doubles as Mrs. Thompson/Secretary (V.O.)

Bert-(can play 30s to 40s) a local cop and good friend to George

(doubles as Ed/Welch/Man on Porch/Joeph (V.O))

Emil Gower-(plays 50s to 60s) an elderly pharmacist who employed George as a young man (doubles as Reinman-a thug to Potter/Charlie/Carter-off stage)


Young George (plays 14ish) loveable and kind (doubles as Peter Bailey II)

Young Harry (plays 12ish) full of admiration for his older brother (doubles as Tommy Bailey)

Young Mary (plays 12ish) admires George even from this young age (hopefully petite in height as she doubles as Zuzu)

Young Violet (plays 12ish)-vies for Goerge’s affection and willing to compete for him (doubles as Janie)




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