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The Lady Vanishes

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The classic 1938 Hitchcock film ‘The Lady Vanishes’ was based on a novel called ‘The Wheel Spins’ by Ethel Lina White. The film took various liberties with the plot, including introducing a propaganda element involving Nazis.

Derek Webb's stage adaptation goes back to the original novel and tries as much as possible to capture the 1930's feel of White’s novel. 

Iris Carr is a wealthy socialite and we first meet her as she faints with sunstroke waiting for a train to take her back to the UK after holidaying in Eastern Europe. Iris befriends Miss Froy who tells her that she was a governess for an important family in Moldavia, but is now between jobs and is journeying back to England to spend some time with her parents. Shortly after, Iris falls asleep and, when she wakes, is surprised to find that Miss Froy is no longer there. But, when Iris asks the others where Miss Froy has gone, she is astonished when they deny she was ever there. Unable to comprehend this, she goes in search of Miss Froy and meets up with Max Hare and his friend, a Professor, also from Britain. Together they agree to help Iris find Miss Froy but soon begin to doubt her word as they are met with denial from everyone they talk to.

Who is lying? Who is telling the truth? Does Miss Froy even exist?

Show Dates:

Premiere - October 21 at 7:30 pm (Join us for a LIVE Zoom meeting with the cast immediately following the show!)

On-Demand - October 22, 23, 29, 30

Tickets: $10

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Cast List
Iris Carr : Maxie Dara
Miss Froy : Carla Zabek
Max Hare : Matthew Lazaris-Brunner

The Doctor / Reverend Kenneth Barnes : Peter Churey

The Professor : David Faulkner-Rundle

Miss Evelyn Flood-Porter : Shelagh Hughes Carlini

Miss Rose Flood-Porter / Frau Kummer / Nun : Catherine Hughes

Mrs Barnes : Harriet Karsh
Todhunter : Mark Ellis
‘Mrs Todhunter’ : Kate Racheter
Waitress : Tina Kocic
The Baroness : Cathy Hudecki
Border Official : Robert Laszcz

Produced by special arrangement with Stagescripts Ltd.

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