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The Canterville Ghost
by Oscar Wilde, Adapted by James Reynard

The Canterville Ghost is a humorous short story, and was the first of Wilde's stories to be published. It is a study in contrasts, simultaneously parodying the traditional ghost story and satirizing American values. While Wilde most obviously satirizes American materialism, English traditional culture is also fair game.


An American family buys the old, haunted Canterville Chase from Lord Canterville who warns them of the ghost, Sir Simon, that haunts the mansion. The Americans are undaunted, and the ghost’s efforts to terrorize the family are done in vain. Aside from the humourous satire, Wilde does include a serious message through the actions of young Virginia who learns what life and death truly are, and why love is stronger than both.


It has been adapted for the stage and screen several times, and many famous actors took on these roles, including; Charles Laughton, Stephen Frye, Hugh Laurie, John Gielgud, David Niven, and Patrick Stewart.

This wonderful adaptation is aimed at audiences over the festive season, and was re-worked to take place at Christmas. It includes carols, which the audience can join in with if they so wish. Full of Holiday “spirit”, this show is comedic and touching!

Dickens isn’t the only one who can do ghosts at Christmas!

This Holiday Show is LIVE in the wine cellar at the beautiful Harbour Estates Winery in Jordan!


Dinner Shows: Dec. 2,3,4,9,10,11 at 6 pm, Curtain at 8 pm $100 pp

Matinees: Dec. 4,5,11,12 at 2 pm, Charcuterie only $75 pp

During dinner, you will be entertained with beautiful Christmas music, by Karen Agro, classical guitarist!


A perfect way to celebrate the holiday season this year, so a good time to bring friends. Tables of up to six available.


Your meal will begin with charcuterie for the table, followed by salad, choice of entree, and dessert. Coffee/tea included. Wine is extra.


Choice of entrees- Braised boneless beef shortrib with a cracked peppercorn/merlot jelly glace, with mashed potatoes and oven roasted vegetables or Chicken Supreme in a Frangelico demi glace with mashed potatoes and oven roasted vegetables or a vegan/vegetarian option of Black Bean Manchurian Balls on a bed of basmati rice with oven roasted vegetables.

Cast List
Sir Simon/Lord Canterville-Mark Ellis

Virginia Otis-Tina Kocic

Mrs. Umney-Catherine Hughes

Hiram Otis-Peter Churey

Lucretia Otis-Carla Zabek

Produced by special arrangement with Stagescripts Ltd.

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