Our Food Designer Kate Racheter is back with Peter Churey to make Quick Fruit Jam and Whole Wheat Sourdough Crackers in our second Bacchus Bites episode for our production of The Watsons by Jane Austen, adapted by Kathryn Attwood.

Bacchus Bite - Quick Fruit Jam
Bacchus Bite - Whole Wheat Sourdough Crackers

For "The Watsons", we have four Bacchus Bites, perfect for your garden party! Each one prepared live with a member from our production. In our first episode, Kate makes Smoked Salmon Cucumber and Herbs Cheese sandwiches with our Lord Osborne, Matthew Lazaris-Brunner. Sounds awesome!

Bacchus Bite - Smoked Salmon Cucumber and Herbs Cheese Sandwich recipe

Our Bacchus Bite for this show tips the hat to Sherlock's Holmes' Art of Deduction by showing the Art of Reduction.

A velvety Strawberry Rhubarb Balsamic Reduction that can be poured over brie cheese or ice cream, adding a pop of flavour to your dish.


Our food designer, Kate Racheter, has cooked up something delicious for this show. Grab your deerstalker and your appetite and join Kate for this mysterious edition of Bacchus Bites!

Video Credit: brian.b_photography

Savory Christmas Wreaths from "A Christmas Carol" - A delicious ring of pastry dressed up for the holidays with classic flavours of the season. Try our vegetarian option with mushrooms, caramelized onions, and goat cheese; or our oven-roasted turkey with cranberries and brie.

Here is our food designer, Kate Racheter, to teach you how to make these delicious Bacchus Bites!
Video Credit: brian.b_photography

Bedevilled Raven's Eggs from "An Evening with Poe" - Check out our own Kate Racheter's instructional video for this delicious Bacchus Bite.